A Bio-X is a company specialized in environmental solutions, whose expertise is oriented towards the preparation of environmental studies, diligence of environmental regulatory processes with many environmental agencies and other institutions, preparation of engineering projects for environmental control of potentially polluting activities, management of many environmental obligations related to the environmental licensing process, recovery of degraded areas, environmental follow-up, implantation of environmental management system, among other environmental services that are necessary for activities of many segments.

It was founded from the know-how of the FX Minas Group's managers to provide services to many activities and industries with the purpose to ensure greater peace of mind for entrepreneurs regarding the environmental area, allowing them to spend their time on their target activity. One of the companies of the Group, a FX Minas Construtora, has been operating for almost 30 years in the building segment, with a focus on infrastructure works in general and energy generation.

The company focuses on the perfect service to its customers, with high quality and on-time delivery of its services, with the implantation and use of innovative technologies and methodologies, promoting a trustworthy relationship, service excellence, and preventive operation.